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Alpharetta Dog Bite Lawyer

While there are many dogs that live up to their reputation as human’s best friend, there are some that can be vicious and prone to violence. According to Canine Journal, around 4.5 million people suffer dog bite injuries every year and 885,000 of them will require medical care. Plus, more than 940 individuals visit the emergency room for treatment. However, it is not just the medical costs that victims must sustain. The physical pain and emotional implications can be debilitating.

Fortunately, Georgia law provides you with options after a dog bite or animal attack. You may qualify to recover compensation for your losses, and our team at Zagoria Law is prepared to guide you through the legal process. Please contact our firm to set up a free consultation with an Alpharetta dog bite lawyer who can provide details. An overview of the laws may also help you understand the basics.

4 Facts About Georgia Dog Bite Laws

If you or a loved one was bitten by a dog, there are a few things to keep in mind about your rights.

  1. Georgia follows a variation on the “one-bite” rule, in which an owner can be liable if the dog had bitten someone in the past. The theory of liability is grounded in the notion that the owner should have known about the dangers because of the previous attack.
  2. There is also a statute in Georgia regarding dog bites. To recover compensation, you must prove that the dog was vicious, the handler knew about the dangers, and the owner was careless in handling the animal.
  3. Another basis for a dog bite case is the owner’s violation of an ordinance requiring the animal to be on a leash or secure it from roaming.
  4. Trespassers and those who provoked the dog are barred from obtaining monetary damages.

How a Lawyer Can Assist with Your Dog Bite Claim

Georgia personal injury laws allow you to recover compensation for a wide range of losses, including medical costs, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. The legal process typically starts with filing an insurance claim, but you may need to take your case to court if the company refuses to pay fair monetary damages. The Alpharetta dog bite attorneys at Zagoria Law will handle the essential tasks, including:

  • Conducting an investigation and gathering evidence;
  • Preparing claim forms and submitting documents to the insurance company;
  • Discussing settlement with the insurer to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your losses;
  • Filing the complaint to initiate a dog bite lawsuit; and
  • Advocating on your behalf throughout the litigation process.

Contact an Alpharetta Dog Bite Lawyer to Discuss Options

This summary of Georgia laws is helpful, but it should also convince you of the importance of retaining legal counsel for assistance with a dog bite case. To learn how our team will support your claim, please call Zagoria Law at 404.653.0023 or go online to schedule a no-cost consultation. Our Alpharetta dog bite attorneys have more than 25 years of combined experience, so we are ready to fight for your rights.

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