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Dangerous Dog Breeds

There are over 50 million dogs in the United States, and about a third of all households have a dog. That’s a lot of dogs and a lot of dog owners, and while dog ownership is for the most part enjoyable and fulfilling, there is always the potential for something to go wrong. Every minute of every day, somebody somewhere in the country seeks medical attention for a dog bite.

Dog bites are painful, treatment is expensive, and the consequences of a dog bite can linger on for years or permanently in the form of scarring, loss of employment, medical complications, and psychological trauma. Georgia law holds dog owners liable when their negligent management of a vicious or dangerous dog leads to an injury. The attorneys at Zagoria Law take on the burden of proving the facts necessary to hold negligent dog owners accountable for those injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dog bite or animal attack in Atlanta, call Zagoria Law at 404-653-0023 for a free consultation.

Which Dog Breeds Are the Most Dangerous?

All dogs regardless of breed are presumed harmless unless they show vicious or dangerous propensities. By the same token, a dog of any breed can attack and bite and cause a serious or even fatal injury. That said, certain dog breeds simply show up far more often than other breeds when it comes to looking at dog bite statistics and which dogs breeds are more likely to attack and inflict serious harm with a bite.

Dog owners of so-called dangerous breeds will tell you that no one breed is more dangerous than another and that environmental factors such as training and handling make a dog safe or dangerous and not genetic factors such as the breed. However, there is no getting around the fact that certain dog breeds bite and injure far more often than other breeds. Here are some of the most dangerous breeds, according to statistics.

Dog Breeds Responsible for the Most Fatal Attacks

The state of Georgia ranks eighth in population yet sixth in the number of dog bite fatalities over the last ten years. These are the breeds and mixes responsible for the majority of dog bite deaths.

  • Pitbulls – Of the 430 fatal dog bite injuries to occur between 2010 and 2021, 185 (43%) were caused by pit bulls. Add in another 41 deaths caused by Pitbull mixes, and the percentage of deaths caused by dogs with Pitbull in their bloodline rises to 53%.
  • Rottweilers – Seven percent of dog bite fatalities were attributed to dogs with rottweiler in their bloodline.
  • German Shepherds – Dogs with German Shepherd in their bloodline accounted for four percent of deaths.
  • All other breeds – The remaining 29% of dog bite fatalities occurred by various other breeds in statistically smaller amounts. Another way of saying this is that nearly one-third of fatal dog bites were caused by dogs not normally associated with a dangerous breed.

Dog Breeds Commonly Considered to Be Dangerous

Pitbulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers are arguably the most intimidating dogs, and they are frequently used as guard dogs for precisely that reason. Other dogs are commonly thought to be dangerous due to their size and muscular strength. These include Akitas, Bullmastiffs, and Huskies, among others.

Always keep in mind that “dangerous dog” is a legal term in Georgia that can apply to a dog of any breed. The requirements for keeping a dangerous dog apply regardless of breed, and liability for a dog bite caused by the owner’s negligence can arise regardless of breed. Dog owners who are on notice of vicious or dangerous propensities in their animals must take special precautions to keep others safe; this legal duty applies without regard to the dog’s breed. Chihuahuas are adorable, Cocker Spaniels are cuddly, and Jack Russell Terriers are loyal and devoted, but these are all breeds that show up more often than many others in dog bite statistics. Any of these animals can deliver a painful bite that requires medical treatment and can inflict lasting consequences.

Help Is Here After a Dog Bite Injury in Atlanta

If you or your child has suffered a dog bite injury in Atlanta, the attorneys at Zagoria Law can uncover the facts that show whether the dog was vicious or dangerous, whether the owner knew it, and whether they failed to take required precautions to manage the dog in a safe manner. Where appropriate, we’ll take all reasonable steps to hold negligent dog owners accountable for the harm they cause when their dog bites or attacks due to the owner’s negligent handling. Call our office at 404-653-0023 for a free consultation to discuss the incident, and let us help you get the medical care and compensation you need and deserve after being bitten or attacked through no fault of your own.

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