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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Have you experienced an injury at work or been told by a doctor that you cannot work, or that you can only work limited hours? Are you suffering from an illness you believe is attributable to your job conditions? You may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

The Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers at Zagoria Law are experts at helping their clients determine whether their injury or illness can be traced to a workplace incident or condition. In many cases, it is not a requirement for the first appearance of the condition to have happened at work.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation, also known as workers’ comp—or workmen’s comp—is a state-mandated insurance and benefits program for people who are injured or get sick due to a work-related issue. With a few exclusions, such as using drugs on the job, an employee with a work-related illness or injury is eligible for benefits and should consult a workers’ compensation attorney. This is true regardless of who was at fault—the employee, the employer, a coworker, a customer or some other third party.

Injuries range from long-term repetitive use injuries—such as carpal tunnel syndrome—to catastrophic, one-time incidents such as brain injury or spinal cord damage. Illnesses and diseases that are the gradual result of work conditions, such as heart conditions, lung disease, and even stress-related digestive problems, are also covered. Families may seek workers’ compensation benefits after the death of a loved one from a covered injury or illness.

What Is Covered and Do I Qualify?

Essentially, any worker who was injured or made sick on the job may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ Compensation pays hospital and medical expenses that are necessary to diagnose and treat your injury. It also provides disability payments while you are unable to work (typically, about two-thirds of your regular salary), and may pay for rehabilitation and other benefits.

Contact Our Experienced Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Zagoria Law specializes in worker’s compensation, pairing each client with an expert worker’s comp attorney for the best possible outcome. Once you qualify, we take the worry out of your hands, developing a claim that demonstrates the extent of your injury or illness and shows, plainly and clearly, why your claim is binding.

We also help those whose claims were previously denied, making it easier for them to challenge that decision and recover their due compensation.

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