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Atlanta Injury Lawyer > Lawrenceville Dog Bite Lawyer

Lawrenceville Dog Bite Lawyer

In Atlanta, a diverse array of dog breeds, each with varying degrees of aggression, can result in numerous types of dog bite injuries. These injuries are often severe, causing distress and requiring immediate medical attention, potentially including surgery and rehabilitation. The aftermath of a dog bite can have long-lasting or even permanent effects, with some incidents proving fatal.

If you have suffered from a dog bite or another animal attack, navigate the legal procedures is best done with the assistance of an experienced Lawrenceville dog bite lawyer. Contact Zagoria Law today to schedule a free consultation.

Responsibility for Dog Bite Injuries

Georgia legislators have enacted a law addressing dog bites and animal attacks. This law stipulates specific criteria that victims must fulfill to be eligible for compensation:

  • You must provide evidence that the dog was vicious and/or dangerous.
  • You need to present proof showing the owner’s negligence in managing or securing the animal.
  • You must demonstrate that you did not provoke the dog to bite or attack.

The statute indicates that the viciousness of a dog can be established if the owner violated a city, county, or local ordinance by not having the dog on a leash. However, you may still be able to receive compensation under the law if the owner was aware that the dog could pose a threat to others, even if it was on a leash.

Contact an experienced dog bite lawyer

Zagoria Law will carefully look at your case if you’ve been bitten by a dog. They will make sure you’re represented legally and will work to get you as much money as possible for your injury. They take dog bites very seriously. It’s really important to talk to a lawyer and a doctor if you’re bitten by a dog. You should see a doctor right away after a dog bite to check for infections. You can leave everything else to the Lawrenceville dog bite lawyer at Zagoria Law.

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