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Verdicts and Settlements

Zagoria Law Receives Jury Verdict in Favor of Postal Worker Attacked by a Dog

Postal worker is awarded $125,000 for dog bite incident

Bebee V. Jones. Client was walking back to her work truck when boxer dog escapes from behind an invisible fence. Client suffered wounds on her right forearm and leg, she also endured severe emotional distress. The case won a verdict of $75,000 in pain and suffering and $50,000 in punitive damages.

Zagoria Law Settles Dog Bite Case for $300,000 Policy Limit

Mao V. GarciaMao V. Garcia. Client was walking on the sidewalk in his neighborhood when he was attacked by two unrestrained Pit Bulls. Client suffered severe wounds on his left arm and leg requiring immediate surgery. The case settled for policy limits of $300,000.

Zagoria Law Settles Bodily Injury Lawsuit, Pre-Trial, for $450,000

Costello v. Roto-Rooter Services Company, John Southerland and John DoeCostello v. Roto-Rooter Services Company, John Southerland and John Doe. Client was a passenger in a vehicle that collided with a Roto-Rooter truck and trailer as its driver attempted to make a left turn. Roto-Rooter denied the claim stating that the driver was off duty. A thorough investigation revealed that the driver was in the “course and scope” of his employment at the time of the accident. Zagoria Law negotiated a pre-trial settlement for $450,000.

Zagoria Law Settles Big Rig Crash Case for $202,500

Naghise v. Lee, Landair Transport, IncNaghise v. Lee, Landair Transport, Inc. The client was driving his vehicle with a trailer when the defendant’s freight truck overturned and skidded through the rear of his trailer. He suffered meniscus tears in both knees, which had to be surgically repaired. The case was settled for $202,500.

Case Filed on Behalf of Young Swimmer Seriously Injured by Pontoon Boat

Hendricks v. King and Espinosa

Hendricks v. King and Espinosa. Suit filed in State Court of Hall County after Anthony “AJ” Hendricks, Jr. was injured while swimming behind a pontoon boat owned by King (Negligent Entrustment) and operated by Espinosa (Negligence). The suit alleges that Espinosa was consuming alcohol while driving the boat owned by King and that after stopping so guests on the boat could swim, Espinosa suddenly engaged the engine, causing the propeller to hit Hendricks’ legs. Client suffered deep lacerations that required surgical repair.

Dog Attack Prompts Negligence Suit

Walton vs. Cook County Land Ventures. The client sought damages for medical expenses incurred in the treatment and care of Kymaria Walton after a vicious dog attack. The negligence suit against Cook County Land Ventures, d/b/a Sunshine Acres, LLC, also seeks justice for Kymaria Walton for the severe permanent facial scarring she has suffered because of this horrific attack.

Pre-Trial Settlement of $400,000 Reached in Dance Club Fall Case

Humble vs. EPPS 57th RestaurantHumble vs. EPPS 57th Restaurant. Client tripped and fell on the dance floor at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant due to the clear tape being used to repair a defect in the flooring. Client suffered a fractured distal radius and ulnar styloid because of the fall, which was surgically repaired. Defendant denied liability from the outset. Defendant’s motions for summary judgment in the case were denied, leading to the $400,000 settlement one month before trial.

$100,000 Dog Attack Settlement Awarded During Discovery

O’Bryant vs. Davis

 O’Bryant vs. Davis. Client fell and fractured her humerus while running to escape a pit-bull type dog owned by Davis. The client engaged Bell Law to handle the case and David Bell approached dog-bite expert David Zagoria to serve as co-counsel and initiate the suit. The defendant’s insurance company settled during discovery for the policy limits of $100,000.

Car Hit by Commercial Dump Truck in DeKalb County, Settles for $650,000

Milton v. Grimes TruckingMilton v. Grimes Trucking. Client was driving her car to work when a commercial vehicle failed to yield while turning left, causing a vehicle collision. Client suffered a fractured hip requiring surgical care. Case settled for $650,000.00 pre-suit.

Car Crash in Acworth, Georgia Settles for $600,000

Wortman v. GerrickWortman v. Gerrick. State Court of Cobb County. CAFN:2010A41487. The client was a passenger in a car that was T-boned. She suffered a right scapula fracture, multiple rib fractures, a liver laceration, a spleen laceration and a fracture of the right C7 transverse process. The case settled for $600,000.00 at mediation on the eve of trial.

Drunk Driver Crash in East Point, Georgia Settles for $399,990

Donald v. Yazaki International CorpDonald v. Yazaki International Corp. State Court of Fulton County. Client hit by drunk driver employee of Yazaki International, causing cervical and lumbar sprain/strain injuries. A thorough investigation revealed several prior drunk driving convictions for the driver that struck client. The case was settled for $399,990.00 on the eve of trial.

Vicious Dog Bite in Brookhaven, Georgia Results in Policy Limits Payout of $300,000

Conaway v. WeidnerConaway v. Weidner. State Court of Fulton County, CAFN: 15EV001734. The client was in a “dog run” with her canine. She was attacked by a dog that bit her arm, causing a fracture and torn flesh. State Farm denied liability since the attack occurred in a no leash required area. We were able to prove liability through the canine’s veterinary records procured during litigation. The case settled for policy limits of $300,000.00.

Car Rear-Ended by “Big Rig” Settles for $275,000

Adewuyi v. B & B TruckingAdewuyi v. B & B Trucking. The client was traveling eastbound on I-285 and was rear-ended by a B & B Trucking freight truck. Client suffered a right shoulder rotator cuff tear requiring surgery. Case settled pre-suit for $275,000.00.

Child Bitten by Dog in Paulding County, Georgia Settles for $185,000

Arafa v. TwumasiArafa v. Twumasi. Superior Court of Paulding County. CAFN: 10-CV-424-TB. Child was playing in her yard when she was attacked by the neighbor’s dog. She was bitten by the dog causing scarring to her ear. Suit was filed and the case settled for $185,000.00.

Trip and Fall in Greene County, Georgia Settles for $155,000

Arafa v. TwumasiBirdwell v. Hetzer. Superior Court of Greene County. CAFN: 2008-CV-177360. Sandy Birdwell suffered a fractured tibia and a torn Achilles tendon as a result of a fall down a camouflaged “one-step riser” at the defendant’s home in the Reynolds Plantation community in Greensboro, Georgia. Liability was denied and the case went into litigation. Case settled the week before the trial for $155,000.00.

Car Wreck with Discectomy Settles for Policy Limits of $100,000

Newton v. WhiteNewton v. White. The client was T-boned and the Defendant was given a ticket. Client suffered a herniated disc and underwent a discectomy by Lee Kelly, M.D. We made a pre-suit demand under O.C.G.A. 9-11-67.1 for the Defendant’s policy limits of $100,000.00. The policy limits of $100,000.00 were tendered.

Dog Bite at Relative’s Home Settles for $100,000

Wacaster v. GilreathWacaster v. Gilreath. Amanda Wacaster was viciously bitten on her right arm by Gilreath’s St. Bernard, named “Hoss.” The incident occurred at the Defendant’s Pickens County, Georgia residence. This case presented significant challenges because the attack occurred in the Defendant’s home. However, we proved that Hoss had aggressive tendencies through our discovery of a previous bite. The case settled for policy limits of $100,000.00.

Car Wreck in Henry County, Georgia Settles for Policy Limits

B. Williams v. Catalan. The client was driving her car and was hit head-on by Catalan. She suffered a tibia fracture, knee laceration, and ankle fracture. The case settled pre-suit for policy limits of $100,000.00.

Dog Bite in Thomaston, Georgia Settles for $75,000

Fagan v. WaldenFagan v. Walden. The client was walking down the road when she was attacked by a pit bull canine, resulting in a fracture to her right ankle. Case settled pre-suit for $75,000.00.

Dog Bite in Lee County, Alabama Settles for $60,000

Dog Bite LawyerS. Thomas, as Parent and Natural Guardian and J.W. a minor v. Munch. The client was bitten at a Halloween party in Phenix City, Alabama by a dog named “Munchie”. He had extensive scarring to his wrist. Case settled pre-suit for $60,000.00.

Dog Bite In John’s Creek Settles for $47,950.44

Makarewicz v. Alzado

 Makarewicz v. Alzado. The client was walking her dog when her neighbor’s pit bull broke free from its leash. The client was bit viciously her on the hand resulting in a scar. Client treated conservatively with Bronier Costas, MD. Case settled pre-suit for $47,950.44.

Jury Verdict of $230,000 for Motorcycle Hit by Commercial Truck

Personal Injury Lawyer Rice v. Premier Waste Services, LLC.  State Court of Fulton County. CAFN: 06VS095900-E. Motorcycle versus truck incident resulting in two fractured vertebrae in client’s back and a broken left ankle. The top offer at mediation was $150,000.00. The jury returned a verdict of $230,000.00.

Apartment Shooting Settles for $185,000

Personal Injury Lawyer AtlantaJosh ___ v. John Doe. Confidential Settlement. The client was shot at an apartment complex in DeKalb County. Inadequate security lawsuit filed. The case settled at mediation for $185,000.00.

Inadequate Security in an Atlanta, Georgia Hotel Settles for $150,000

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Williams v. Walton House. State Court of Fulton County. The client was assaulted in a hotel in downtown Atlanta by three men. Inadequate security lawsuit filed. The case settled for $150,000.00 at mediation with Gino Brogdon.

Negligent Security Case in DeKalb County Settles for $125,000

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Davis v. Aspen Woods Apartment Complex. The client was a victim of a home invasion while staying at his girlfriend’s apartment. He broke his tibia jumping out of the window of the apartment. We discovered a significant history of crime on the property that the apartment complex did nothing to curtail. Case settled for $125,000.00.

Parking Lot Slip and Fall in Atlanta, Georgia Settles for $90,000

Personal Injury Lawyer AtlantaGibson v. John Doe. State Court of Fulton County. The client was injured after falling in a commercial parking lot. The trial court granted the Defendant’s motion for summary judgment. We appealed and the Georgia Court of Appeals reversed the trial court. The case was then settled at mediation for $90,000.00.

Slip and Fall in Department Store Settles for $90,000 in United States Federal Court

Ortega v. John Doe. Confidential Settlement. U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia. The client was in a large department store when she slipped on hair cream on the floor. Case resolved during discovery for $90,000.00.

Fulton County Jury Verdict of $84,223

Personal Injury LawyerHeidlauf v. Huynh. Superior Court of Fulton County. CAFN: 2009CV177360. The client was a passenger in a car that was struck by Huynh who ran a red light. Client suffered a sternum fracture and a soft tissue injury to her right pelvic bone. Allstate’s top offer was $20,000.00. The jury returned a verdict of $84,223.00.

 DUI Crash in Conyers, Georgia Settles for $75,000

David Zagoria Personal Injury LawyerRichison-Thomas v. Joyce. State Court of Rockdale County. CAFN: 2008-SV-2825. Joyce was driving his car while under the influence of alcohol when he slammed into the car our client was driving. Client was diagnosed with a cervical and thoracic sprain/strain and headaches. Medical bills totaled $11,406.00. We made a pre-suit demand pursuant to Holt for $25,000.00. The insurance company failed to respond within the required time. Therefore, we filed suit in State Court of Rockdale County. The day before trial, the case settled for $75,000.00.

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