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Atlanta Injury Lawyer > Verdicts & Settlements > Case settled for policy limit – $300,000.00

Case settled for policy limit – $300,000.00

Zhu v. Ren, Pre-Suit Settlement

On July 1, 2019, our client Kate Zhu was at Ronald Regan Park with her friend Xinni Ren. Ms. Ren took her Husky-Australian Shephard mix dog, “Ranger”.

Ranger was off leash, ran up behind Kate, and violently ran into the back of her legs. As a result, Kate fell to the ground and landed directly on her left knee. As a result, Kate tore her ACL ligament in her knee. We were able to determine that Ms. Ren had prior knowledge of Ranger’s unruly and spastic tendencies before the incident with Kate. Case settled for policy limits of $300,000.00 without having to file a law suit.

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