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Atlanta Injury Lawyer > Blog > Dog Bites > I’ve Been Bitten by a Dog, What Do I Do Now?

I’ve Been Bitten by a Dog, What Do I Do Now?

Each year in the United States, around 4.5 million Americans experience a dog bite, and more than 885,000 of those bites require medical attention. The skilled lawyers at the Zagoria Law Firm are specialists in these types of attacks in Atlanta and are known for analyzing each situation carefully to find clarifying evidence that may solve the case.

Also, there is a law known as a dog bite” law, stating that a dog owner can be held liable for injuries when:

  • The animal is vicious or dangerous
  • The owner was careless with the animal and let it go freely
  • The injured person did not provoke the animal

Zagoria Law has been trusted to take many cases and won many lawsuits on behalf of dog bite victims. When you give us your trust to help you legally handle these situations, we carry out investigations about leash laws and other details, determining the responsibility of the attack. This is proof that the Zagoria Law Firm has in-depth knowledge of the laws that protect victims of dog bite attacks in Atlanta.

Who was responsible for the attack and who was the most affected?

In Atlanta, the owner of a dog is deemed responsible for the dog’s actions. However, they are only responsible for the bite if the victim can show that the owner was aware that their dog was capable of biting other people, that is, the victim must show that, before his case, this dog has caused other dog bite attacks.

The primary victims of dog bites are children and the elderly, who are unable to defend themselves as easily as teenagers and adults.

What type of injuries can a dog bite cause that you should see a lawyer for?

  • Open and/or infected wounds
  • Broken bones
  • Damage to ligaments, nerves, or muscles anywhere in the body

What steps should I follow after a dog bite?

To be able to take legal action through a lawyer against the owner of the dog, we advise you to follow the following steps:

  1. Investigate the dog and its owner. That is, research if the breed of dog is considered a dangerous breed and if similar attacks have already happened in Atlanta with those types of dogs.

  2. Take note of the owner’s information and possible testimonies of people who witnessed the attack.

  3. Take pictures of the injuries before, during, and after being seen by a medical specialist in Atlanta and keep all bills for interventions, rehabilitation, and medications so that with the help of a lawyer you can claim a just compensation for your injuries.

  4. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to talk about the injuries suffered from a dog ​​bite and how to protect your rights. A good lawyer will guide you through the recovery and compensation process. The attorneys at the Zagoria Law Firm have been successful in Atlanta for more than 15 years and believe that dog owners should be responsible for the actions, injuries, and damages caused by their pets. It is essential to protect the rights you have as a victim of a dog attack. Our lawyers know the laws and have won many dog bite cases through the years.

It is vital to be specific and to provide proof that the attack occurred due to the negligence of the owner, to receive the maximum compensation from your injuries due to a dog bite. You also must report the dog bite within two years to receive compensation, as those are the statute of limitations in the state of Georgia. With Zagoria Law, you can count on experienced attorneys who know the laws that apply in the state of Georgia and will go out of their way to win your case.

Compensation benefits you can get for a dog bite are all those that correspond to medical bills, pain, and suffering, income or wages lost due to sick leave, damages to property related to the incident or negligent behavior of the owner. To get more information about the types of compensation you can claim, contact a lawyer who specializes in dog bites.

Have you suffered from a dog bite? Did it cause severe injuries? Contact the Zagoria Law Firm now! We will help you with your case to claim the compensation you deserve for dog bites and other personal injuries. For a free consultation with one of our attorneys, please call (404) 531-1833 or click here.

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