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Category Archives: Knockdown Non-Bite Injury


Common Non-Bite And Knockdown Injuries By Dogs

By Zagoria Law Firm LLC |

When you think about the kinds of injuries dogs can cause, your mind first turns to bites. Not as many people consider the serious, catastrophic injuries that can result from a knockdown, mauling, or other attack that does not involve biting. Fortunately, Georgia’s dog bite statute covers injuries caused by a vicious or dangerous… Read More »

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Does Georgia’s Dog Bite Statute Cover Non-Bite Injuries?

By Zagoria Law Firm LLC |

Statistics on dog bites are disturbing, sending many people to the ER or hospital, requiring extensive treatment, and often leading to infection. However, you might not give much thought to how non-bite injuries from dogs can also lead to serious trauma and significant losses. Knockdowns, maulings, and other attacks are just a few examples…. Read More »

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