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Atlanta Injury Lawyer > Blog > Knockdown Non-Bite Injury > Common Non-Bite And Knockdown Injuries By Dogs

Common Non-Bite And Knockdown Injuries By Dogs


When you think about the kinds of injuries dogs can cause, your mind first turns to bites. Not as many people consider the serious, catastrophic injuries that can result from a knockdown, mauling, or other attack that does not involve biting. Fortunately, Georgia’s dog bite statute covers injuries caused by a vicious or dangerous animal, without restricting liability to bites only. If you or a loved one was hurt, it is important to take advantage of all possible legal remedies. Your physical, financial, and emotional losses may hit harder than you think.

Your compensation in a claim involving animal attacks will vary based upon the severity and nature of the harm, and an Atlanta non-bite injuries attorney can advise you on how damages work. Some information on trauma from dog knockdowns and what you can expect with medical treatment is also useful.

Common Injuries from Dog Attacks 

Many types of trauma from a mauling are similar to what you would experience with a slip and fall accident, such as: 

  • Scrapes and cuts from hitting pavement or rough surfaces;
  • Deep bruises;
  • Injuries from the dog’s claws;
  • Head injuries, including concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI);
  • Broken bones; and,
  • Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries.

Medical Treatment for Non-Bite Injuries 

Even when the injuries are not from a dog bite, one of the most serious consequences from an animal attack stem from infection. The dog’s claws are dirty and may carry countless bacteria, germs, and other contaminants. Without proper treatment, infection can turn into the serious, life-threatening condition known as sepsis.

In addition, the victim of a dog mauling may require:

  • Emergency treatment;
  • Surgery and cosmetic procedures;
  • Hospitalization; and,
  • Rehabilitative and physical therapy. 

The emotional consequences after being attacked by a dog can also be severe, especially with child victims. The incident may lead to a debilitating fear of dogs, for which psychological treatment may be necessary.

 Damages for Non-Bite Injuries 

Compensation under the Georgia dog bite statute aims to make the victim whole after suffering injuries in a mauling. You could qualify for reimbursement for the medical costs described above, as well as lost wages if you were unable to work.

Plus, there are some losses that affect your quality of life after being hurt. You may be able to recover for pain and suffering, scarring and disfigurement, and emotional distress as noneconomic damages. In some cases, when the dog owner’s conduct is extreme and demonstrates a disregard for human life, it may be possible to obtain punitive damages. These amounts are intended to punish the owner for outrageous acts that cause harm to others.

Contact a Georgia Non-Bite Lawyer Attorney About Legal Options

Our team at Zagoria Law is prepared to help you recover compensation for your medical costs, as well as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other losses. To learn how we can help with insurance claims and litigation, please contact our Atlanta offices today. You can call 404.653.0023 or go online to schedule a no-cost consultation with a member of our team.



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