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Category Archives: Dangerous Dog Breeds


Where Do Monetary Damages Come From After A Pit Bull Bite In Georgia?

By Zagoria Law Firm LLC |

When it comes to assessing dangerous breeds of dogs that bite or attack, there are generally two camps: Those who believe viciousness is a product of the canine’s upbringing, and others who say the breed is inherently dangerous. Still, the data about pit bull attacks does not lie. Statistics indicate that: Compared to other… Read More »

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Challenges With Assessing Dangerous Dog Breeds In Georgia

By Zagoria Law Firm LLC |

There can be no doubt that certain canine breeds are associated with biting, mauling, and other tragic attacks, but it is important that people do not jump to conclusions when it comes to dog reputation. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) stresses that statistics reported about dangerous dog breeds are highly skewed, since they… Read More »

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