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Atlanta Injury Lawyer > Blog > Dangerous Dog Breeds > Challenges With Assessing Dangerous Dog Breeds In Georgia

Challenges With Assessing Dangerous Dog Breeds In Georgia


There can be no doubt that certain canine breeds are associated with biting, mauling, and other tragic attacks, but it is important that people do not jump to conclusions when it comes to dog reputation. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) stresses that statistics reported about dangerous dog breeds are highly skewed, since they do not take into account the numbers of every canine breed currently residing in US households. Plus, there is no standard definition about what constitutes a “dangerous” dog for purposes of injuries.

Therefore, instead of applying the label of “dangerous,” you can get a better idea of what dogs are more likely to cause injuries by looking at multiple factors. Keep in mind the following points about Georgia dangerous breeds when assessing the risk. 

The Power Behind the Bite 

Veterinary researchers have assessed the pressure involved when different dog breeds bite down on a dummy, and the outcome is measured by pounds per square inch (PSI) – the same measurement used to evaluate the air pressure in automobile tires. The Top 5 dog breeds that bite the hardest include:

  1. Kangal Shepherd = 743 PSI
  2. American Bandogge, a crossbreed that includes Pit Bull, Bulldog, and Mastiff = 731 PSI
  3. Cane Corso, an Italian breed of Mastiff = 700 PSI
  4. Dogue De Bordeaux, a French Mastiff breed = 556 PSI
  5. Tosa Inu, a rare Japanese breed = 556 PSI

How Frequently Different Breeds Bite 

The PSI on the above breeds is terrifying, so it is fortunate that most do not tend to bite very often. The #1 biting dog breed in the US is the Chihuahua, canines that can be aggressive despite their diminutive size. Other frequent biters are larger dogs, including the English Bulldog, Pit Bull, and German Shepherd. 

Special Circumstances and Dog Bites 

The physical power of the bite and tendency to attack are important to know, but some dogs are dangerous because of the situation and/or encounter with a human victim. For instance:

  • Dogs nursing or caring for puppies are extremely protective, so they may bite as a defense mechanism.
  • If the dog is in pain or disturbed by loud noises or people, it may attack out of fear.
  • Dogs protecting a human or area may bite if they are trained to do so. 

In addition, another way to evaluate a “dangerous” dog is how a bite or attack could affect your rights. If you were trespassing or provoked the animal, you are in danger of recovering nothing in a dog bite claim.

 Speak to an Atlanta Dog Bite Attorney About Dangerous Breeds

Though knowing the risks of injuries according to the type of dog is useful, you do not need to prove facts about dangerous breeds to recover compensation under Georgia law. There are other legal requirements to consider, however, so trust Zagoria Law for help with your claim. Our team focuses on Atlanta dog bite cases, and we are prepared to support your rights. Please call 404.653.0023 or visit our website today to set up a no-cost case assessment.



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