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Atlanta Injury Lawyer > Blog > News > Zagoria Law Files Suit on Behalf of Minor Syrai Sanders for Serious Injuries Sustained in Dog Attack

Zagoria Law Files Suit on Behalf of Minor Syrai Sanders for Serious Injuries Sustained in Dog Attack

ATLANTA—February 6, 2018 – Zagoria Law, an Atlanta-based law firm specializing in personal injury cases, today announced it has filed suit in the case of Willie Sanders, Jeresha Williams and Syrai Sanders (a minor) v. Lifeline Animal Project, Inc. The suit, State Court of DeKalb County, civil action file number 18A67776, was filed after Syrai Sanders, then five-years-old, was mauled by multiple dogs while walking to her school bus stop from her home. The young girl suffered multiple bite wounds and her right ear was torn from her head.

The suit alleges that a pack of vicious dogs approached a group of children, including Sanders, who was walking to the bus stop. Adults at the scene attempted to keep the dogs away using bats and sticks, but Sanders was not able to escape and was attacked by the dogs. This same pack of dogs was allegedly roaming free and loose in the same Southwest Atlanta neighborhood as recently as the day before this attack.

The defendant, LifeLine Animal Project, Inc., was under contract with Fulton County Animal Services to enforce applicable Fulton County Code of Ordinances, in the neighborhood where Sanders lives and where the attack occurred. In their services proposal to Fulton County, LifeLine stated they would “create a model of modern animal control” and effectively carry out tasks such as responding to request for service in the field in an effective and timely manner and enforcement of leash and dangerous animal laws.

“Allowing these vicious dogs to roam free of leashes created a dangerous situation and ongoing nuisance for the residents of this community, one which they repeatedly reported to LifeLine via Fulton County Animal Services,” said Zagoria Law Founder and Principal David Zagoria. “Our clients’ suit alleges that LifeLine failed to take reasonable steps to uphold their animal control duties, resulting in significant harm to Syrai.”

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