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How Do You Prove That the Dog That Bit You Was Vicious?


Georgia’s dog bite liability laws are different from those of most other states.  In most places, the dog owner is responsible for any injuries caused by the dog, just as the owner of a car is responsible for any accidents caused by his or her car.  By contrast, in Georgia, dogs are innocent until proven guilty.  Georgia’s Responsible Dog Ownership Law contains language about the rights of people injured by “aggressive,” “dangerous,” and “vicious” dogs.  In a personal injury lawsuit arising from a dog bite, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff to show that the defendant provided inadequate supervision to a dog known to be dangerous.  Everyone knows that good dogs do bad things sometimes, so how do you prove that the dog was known to be a loose cannon that required more supervision than other dogs?  It isn’t always easy, but an Atlanta dog bite lawyer can help you do it.

Puppy Dog Eyes Are Quite Persuasive

One of the number one rules in show business is that you should never compete against an animal act, because it is impossible to win.  The courtroom is technically not a theater, but tell that to any high school student sharpening his skills on the school speech and debate team before going to college to major in pre-law.  When your case goes to trial, your goal is to make an impression on the judge or jury.  Sure, you can show the jury your medical bills and photographs of your injuries, and they will empathize with you, but wait until the defendant shows videos of their dog behaving in a gentle and affectionate manner toward a rambunctious toddler that seems to be doing everything possible to get on the dog’s nerves.  Based on that appeal to emotions, how can the court rule against such a harmless dog and its loving humans?

A nice dog and an aggressive dog are the same dog at different moments.  Likewise, according to Georgia law, there is no such thing as a naturally aggressive breed.  Dogs bite because their owners give them an opportunity to bite; every dog has the potential to behave impulsively.  To win your case, you must prove that the dog has a history of aggressive behavior.  If the dog has previously bitten someone without being provoked, your case is very strong.  Even if the dog has never bitten a person, you may cite evidence that you have seen the dog growl and bark aggressively in situations where other dogs would not behave this way.  You must also show that the owner did not exercise reasonable caution to prevent the dog from attacking.  Your case is strongest in this regard if the dog was not on a leash in a place where leashes are required.

Contact Zagoria Law About Dog Bite Cases

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