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How We Get Money For Victims Of Dog Bites


If you were bitten or attacked by a dog in Georgia, it should come as some comfort to know that there are multiple theories of liability under which you may qualify for monetary damages. The state dog bite statute allows you to recover if the owner was careless in managing the animal, allowing it to roam, or not having it on a leash as required by law. There is also the common law “one bite rule,” in which owners are liable if they knew or should have known that the dog had a tendency to cause injuries. This knowledge might be the result of a prior bite, but it could also stem from previous incidents where the dog lunged, nipped, or showed aggression.

This overview of liability for dog bites is useful, but the next question becomes what you can recover for your losses. The laws are specific on compensation, so it is wise to trust an Atlanta dog bite injuries attorney for assistance with your claim. Some general information on monetary damages for common injuries may also be useful.

Common Injuries in Dog Bite Cases 

The starting off point for compensation is your injuries, since your losses are a product of the bodily harm that you suffer. As you probably expect, victims frequently suffer lacerations and penetrating injuries. However, the unique nature of dog bite injuries encompasses other health concerns:

  • For particularly deep bites, caused by certain dog breeds with powerful jaws, the damage may reach the muscle or internal organs.
  • A dog’s mouth harbors bacteria and other germs, so bites often lead to infection. This means longer hospitalization for victims.
  • Cosmetic surgery might be necessary to correct the damage from dog bite injuries.
  • Being attacked by a dog often leads to serious psychological harm and a life-long fear of dogs. A victim may require extensive care from mental health professionals. 

Two Types of Compensation Under Georgia Law 

The objective of monetary damages in a dog bite case is to put the victim in the same position he or she would have been had the incident never occurred. They act as reimbursement for amounts incurred, but also to compensate the victim for other losses that impact quality of life. There are two forms that may be available for your claim: 

  1. Economic Damages: This category covers medical costs, including cosmetic surgery, hospitalization, and psychiatric care required to treat emotional disorders from dog bite injuries. If you were unable to work, you may also recover for lost income.
  2. Noneconomic Damages: Some losses are personal, subjective, and cannot be quantified in terms of dollar value, though you endure significant hardship. Pain and suffering, scarring and disfigurement, and emotional distress are examples of noneconomic damages.

An Atlanta Dog Bite Injuries Lawyer Can Explain How Damages Work

For more information on recovering compensation for your losses after a dog bite, please call 404.653.0023 or go online to reach Zagoria Law. We can schedule a free consultation with a Georgia dog bite attorney who will advise you on your rights and remedies.



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