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Atlanta Injury Lawyer > Blog > Dog Bites > Types Of Dog Bite Injuries That Require Immediate Medical Care

Types Of Dog Bite Injuries That Require Immediate Medical Care


Dog bites are a common injury in the US considering their popularity and status as a member of the family, and most can be addressed with at-home care. For minor dog bites, where the wound is not deep or the skin was not broken, medical professionals recommend washing the area with warm soap and antibacterial soap. Then, apply an antibacterial ointment or lotion and cover the injury with a sterile bandage. Note that a nip from a canine could also lead to bruising, so ice compresses can alleviate pain.

However, medical professionals insist that you seek immediate medical attention for serious dog bite injuries. Certain wounds cannot and should not be treated at home, so failing to visit a doctor could lead to severe complications. Plus, there are legal reasons to head to the ER or urgent care facility right away, and an Atlanta dog bite injuries lawyer can explain them. You may also benefit from some background information.

Seek Care Right Away for These Injuries 

If you were bitten by a dog, it is crucial to get medical attention right away for the following medical concerns:

  • Excessive, uncontrollable bleeding;
  • Blood shooting from the wound in spurts;
  • Swelling, redness, and extreme pain around the bite marks;
  • A wound that feels unusually warm to the touch; and,
  • Fever, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.

Aside from the injuries themselves, additional factors may be the reason to head to the doctor right away. Seek proper care if:

  • You have not had a recent tetanus shot and the dog bite is deep;
  • The dog was acting strangely and you are unaware of its status on rabies vaccination;
  • You suffered injuries to the face or head; or,
  • The dog bite is deep enough that it may have caused damage to bone, muscle, or other tissue. 

Why Prompt Medical Care is Important 

Infection is a substantial risk after a dog bite, and health care providers are in the best position to prevent it. Plus, there are also concerns about rabies and tetanus, so antibiotics and other treatment may be necessary.

For purposes of your legal rights, getting care is important because of how the legal process works. You will likely be dealing with an insurance company and will need to prove that you are entitled to compensation. There are elements you must prove but, even when you have solid evidence, you could encounter challenges:

  • Delays tell the insurer that your dog bite injuries are not severe.
  • The insurer could refuse to pay any costs related to infection, which would not occur had you gone to the doctor.
  • An insurance company may deny any claim based upon exacerbation of injuries in the days after a dog bite.

Call Now to Speak to a Georgia Dog Bite Injuries Attorney

While medical treatment is critical after a dog bite, retaining experienced representation is also essential for pursuing your legal remedies. To learn more about the process for recovering compensation, please contact Zagoria Law at 404.653.0023 or visit us online. We are happy to set up a no-cost case assessment with an Atlanta dog bite will advise you on details.

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