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Non-Bite Dog Injuries That Require Emergency Care


A large percentage of US households are home to at least one dog due to their loving, family-friendly, and devoted nature. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports that 38.4 percent of households have dogs, for a total of 48.3 million canines. Many are well-trained and even-tempered, but it is important to remember that dogs are animals and can be unpredictable. They may lash out when provoked, threatened, or startled, and dog bites can lead to serious injuries for the victim. However, you might not realize that there can be considerable harm from non-bite injuries by dogs, often requiring medical treatment.

Your health is always a priority, so do not overlook non-bite injuries by thinking they are not as serious as an actual dog bite. Medical care is essential for immediate treatment and addressing any long-term complications. There could also be effects on your legal remedies under Georgia law, and an Atlanta non-bite injury lawyer can explain details. Some background information is also useful.

Head to the ER for Serious Non-Bite Injuries: Canines of any size are strong, agile, and fast creatures regardless of their mouths, jaws, and teeth. Dogs are also driven in some actions purely by instinct, no matter how well they have been trained. These physical and instinctual features mean dogs can still cause serious harm without biting. As with bites, children are also most likely to be affected.

You should seek emergency care for the following non-bite dog injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion, and other head injuries from a knock-down;
  • Cuts from a dog’s claws, which can harbor as much bacteria as their mouths and lead to infection; and,
  • Broken bones, a common occurrence when a dog’s leash gets entangled in the victim’s legs.

It is also possible to suffer harm from “dog fright,” which happens when someone has an extreme reaction to the presence of a dog. The victim physically responds by jumping, dodging, or darting away, possibly leading into the path of oncoming traffic.

 Proper Medical Care May Impact Your Rights: Even if you do not believe your injuries are an emergency, head to an urgent care center or your physician’s office for same-day treatment. Proper medical attention gets you on the path to recovery right away, but there are also implications for your legal remedies.

In most cases, you will be dealing with an insurance company to recover monetary damages after an animal attack. Delays send the message that your injuries are not severe, otherwise you would have headed to a health care facility immediately. The insurer may deny your claim on this basis or make a low offer to settle.

Consult with an Atlanta Non-Bite Injuries Attorney About Legal Options

If you suffered harm in a dog attack, please contact Zagoria Law right away after you ensure your health is secure. You can set up a free consultation with a Georgia dog bite and non-bite injuries lawyer by calling 404.653.0023 or visiting us online. After we review your case, we can determine how to proceed.



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