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Atlanta Injury Lawyer > Blog > Leash Laws > 3 Georgia Leash Laws Dog Bite Victims Should Know

3 Georgia Leash Laws Dog Bite Victims Should Know


When you think about leash laws in Georgia, your mind probably turns to how the requirements aim to prevent dog bites before they occur. What you may not realize is that regulations on leashes could actually impact your legal remedies after suffering injuries. The reason is that leash laws are related to liability and the dog owner’s duty to safely manage the animal. Georgia’s dog bite statute touches on the subject, and there are many counties and municipalities that have enacted regulations that apply within their borders.

In general, these laws work in favor of the dog bite victim. You need evidence of fault to recover compensation under certain theories of liability, and failure to leash the animal could be an indication of carelessness. The details are much more complicated, so you should rely on a Georgia leash laws attorney to explain how the legal concepts apply to your situation. A few basic points are also helpful.

  1. Georgia Dog Bite Statute: The law provides two remedies that victims may pursue against the animal’s owner, and both are based upon the notion that the dog was vicious or dangerous. However, one section addresses the specific issue of leash laws. To prove that the dog possessed vicious propensities, the victim can present evidence showing that the animal was not on a leash as required by city, county, or other government regulations. 
  1. Atlanta Municipal Code on Leashes: The City of Atlanta is empowered to enact regulations regarding public safety, and there are numerous rules covering dogs and leashes. The default rule is that all canines must be leashed in all public spaces, recreational areas, city parks, nature trails, and spaces that are not specifically designated dog parks. There are a total of seven dog parks in Atlanta and, though leashes are not required, owners must keep their pets under voice control and within sight. 
  1. Fulton County Leash Regulations: Atlanta leash laws offer legal remedies to those who suffer dog bite injuries within the city limits, but there are also protections in other cities and unincorporated areas under Fulton County regulations. It is unlawful to allow a canine to run at large, and the owner or handler must have the dog on a leash in public spaces. The regulation is quite specific on the length, which cannot be more than 6 feet long.

The rule on public parks parallels the Atlanta regulation, so all canines must be leashed while in parks. There is an exception for designated “off-leash” areas within parks, and the Fulton County ordinance includes a statement that individuals enter at their own risk.

Speak to a Georgia Dog Bite Lawyer Attorney About Leash Law Violations

It might seem like a violation of Georgia leash laws would automatically entitle you to compensation, but there are many other details that impact your rights. To learn more, please call Zagoria Law at 404.653.0023 or visit us online to schedule a no-cost case evaluation with an Atlanta dog bite lawyer. We can provide additional details after reviewing your case.



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